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Real hair extensions

Real hair extensions in London, UK

If you are looking to purchase hair extensions from a reliable hair extension professional with extremely high standards and attention to detail, your search ends at Jason Paul Hair Shop in London. To place an order anywhere in the UK or Europe, please contact us today.

We specialise in all phases of European hair

Paul Spiegel has been in the hair business for many years. He has always taken pride in his work and is proud of the reputation he has built up over the years. He is totally committed to providing the best service possible by having an in-depth consultation with you and ensuring you get exactly what you want and expect. If you are interested in real hair extensions, get in touch with the experts at Jason Paul Hair Shop today. Please bear in mind that we only offer a limited stock on all hair types and colours (Russian, Chinese, Uzbekistan and Indian). We have links to possibly the best Russian hair available in the UK.
Glue bonding sticks
Chinese hair

Chinese hair

We believe that our Premium Hair Collection offers some of the best quality hair from China, in a range of natural colours.
European hair

European hair

This beautiful Remy hair comes in various colours and is available to buy in bulk. Prices vary so please call for a quote.
Russian hair

Russian hair

Russian hair is recognised as being some of the most sought-after hair in the world and is available in many beautiful and natural colours from very dark to the
lightest blonde shades.

Uzbekistan hair

Uzbekistan hair

Available at an economical price, Uzbekistan hair is only available in dark shades and has a very soft and natural wave movement that varies from piece to piece.
Hair extensions

Offering you the personal touch

Paul will be happy to give advice on the system he supplies and the way it should be used to achieve the best results for hair extensions. When used correctly, this system, used with the Jason Paul bonding sticks,
should make your clients feel like a new person and give them more confidence.
For more information, please call us.
Clip-in human hair extensions

The mane attraction

  • Clip-in human hair extensions
  • Pre-bonded hair extensions
  • Bonded hair extensions
  • Weft hair extensions
  • Remy hair extensions
  • Weave hair extensions
  • Human hair ponytails
We are here to make you and your hair shine. Call 
07958 234 621 
to place an order today.
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